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Order of The Golden Legion [GOLD]

Welcome to the Order of the Golden Legion! We are a Devona's Rest based server focused not on any one particular area but rather on making our members excellent. We follow a few basic ideas and rules. 1. Respect
Respect doesn't mean you are so uptight you can't have a good time. It means that you keep talk with people outside the guild polite and have a good time with your guildes. It means if you have a problem with someone or vise versa that you can put it on the table and talk it out in a mature way. If someone has actually offended you while joking around, speak up. We want the guild to be as open with each other as possible to create a drama free
environment. No back stabbing or talking ill of others behind their backs. Remember: everyone is equal. We have ranks for organization. But no ones opinion or anything else is undermined just because of rank. We are a legion. We are many ; we are one. 

2. Fun and Community
Our goal is to have a fun, drama free community. Respect is a huge part of that but participation is as well. At the moment we have a raid call server set up for our members to use and we encourage you to! A game is a lot more fun if you can talk with others and many aspects are easier; from WvW, TPvP or just basic questions it is infinitely easier to explain through voice communication. We have serveral weekly events and participation is key to success. Nothing is mandatory but we hope to see you there!

3. Excellence
We are devoted to helping our members becoming better players and to learn all aspects of the game. If someone asks a question please make an effort to answer it. If you main a Warrior you should make it your goal to make every other Warrior in the guild better than yourself. And that goes for all classes. When one person improves, the guild as a whole improves. 

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